Petrolia Municipal Election



I am the current Mayor of Petrolia and am seeking another 4 year term. I have been married to my wife Wendy for 48 years. We have 2 sons, Jay and Adam and 3 wonderful Grandchildren. We have resided in Petrolia for 43 years beginning as the Parks and Recreation Director. During this time I went back to school to study and received my Clerk/Treasurer Certificate. When the Town Clerk retired I became the Clerk/Treasurer and moved on to be the CAO of Petrolia.
Later on, I worked for the City of Sarnia as Deputy Clerk until I retired. I have worked in Municipal Government in all areas for 40 years. I am appreciative and proud of the accomplishments of Petrolia Council and our Administrators, committees and volunteers over the last 4 years. As the present Mayor, I am passionate about continuing their exceptional work while moving ahead to improve the lives of all residents of Petrolia.
The foundations of my life continue to be my family, faith and friends – and above all, my personal integrity. I feel I have the necessary leadership skills, integrity, knowledge, experience and vision to fulfil the duties as Mayor of Petrolia over the next 4 years.   |  Facebook @ VoteBradForMayor


A leader, with forty-three years broad-ranging experience, highlights of which include seven years in senior municipal leadership as Director of Performing Arts/Director of Cultural Services, eleven years as Theatre Manager and seven years as a Manager in the Human Services sector.
Experience on many Boards of Directors, including as Board Chair of Petrolia Discovery Foundation, President of Theatre Ontario, Member of Tourism Sarnia-Lambton Board to name a few. Proven skills in facilitation, budgeting, staff and volunteer recruitment and management, strategic planning, interpreting and applying bylaws and legislation. An experienced fundraiser and facilitative problem-solver. A veteran public speaker, with extensive experience in public
education, fundraising workshops and presentations.
Currently retired, Richard is a proud husband to his wife, Kelly. They share four children and five grandchildren. Richard started working for the Town in 2011, and he and Kelly moved to Petrolia in 2013. They are both passionate about Petrolia and its future.
Find out more about Richard on his Facebook Page: Richard Poore for MAYOR of Petrolia



My name is Bill Clark, and I am campaigning for a position of Councillor for the Town of Petrolia. I am 53 years old and was born at C.E.E. Hospital. I was raised in Enniskillen Township, just 5 miles outside of Petrolia. I attended L.C.C.V.I. and Lambton College. Even though I grew up outside of town, I have always considered Petrolia my hometown. In 1993, I married my wife, Karen. We bought our first home that year and moved to Petrolia where we raised our sons, Todd and Justin, and where we still live today.
I work for Linde Canada Inc. (formerly Praxair) in Sarnia. I started there in 2007 as a delivery driver and became the branch CSO in 2014. In 2019, I was promoted to my current position of Territory Manager.
I have been volunteering in Petrolia for over 33 years. My service to the community began back in 1989 when I proudly donned the uniform of the Petrolia Police as one of its very first Auxiliary Constables. I volunteered for more than 12 years with Petrolia Minor Hockey. I was a member of C.E.R.V. (Community Emergency Response Volunteers) for 10 years providing first aid at community events and fire scene support to the Petrolia North Enniskillen Fire Dept. In 2010, I began assisting the Community Services Advisory Committee with community events and in 2011, I joined the committee as a member and I have continued with this committee ever since. On this committee, we have planned and executed community events and parades and advised council on the status and needs of the town’s parks and recreational facilities. In 2011, I joined the Oil Heritage District Community Centre Advisory Committee which was, 4 years later, amalgamated into the Community Services Advisory Committee. I also sat on the Committee of Adjustment and Property Standards from 2011 to 2017. In 2017, I was part of the Emergency Planning committee that updated the Town of Petrolia Emergency Plan, and I filled the role of Alternate CEMC that year as well.
As you can see, I have a strong commitment to my hometown and have been an active member of the community for many years. If elected, I will continue to serve the community to the best of my abilities and to show up to each meeting prepared to advocate on behalf of the residents of Petrolia. Follow me on Facebook @ Elect-Bill-Clark-to-Petrolia-Council.


Respect. Integrity. Honesty. Kindness. These four tenants sum up the ethical code I hold in the highest regard and define the core values I adhere to in every aspect of my life and work.
As a returning council member with one term under my belt, l have been living in Petrolia since 2012 with my wife Lisa, and our combined family, which includes five children and two cats, Sarafina and Gary. Although the jury is still out as to whether Gary is actually a cat or a guard dog masquerading as a cat. I currently hold the job of Supervisor for Shell Canada in Sarnia. My nearly 30-year career in the Petrochemical Industry has included travelling to work in several different countries around the world. This has afforded me the opportunity to gain multicultural experiences, perspectives, and the incredible experience of working with a diverse group of people.
My first term on council allowed me to garner valuable knowledge and understanding of our municipality’s operations. I believe strongly in fiscal responsibility with an end goal of the overall reduction of taxes, which has been and will continue to be a focus of mine for the next four years, if elected.
The last four years have held many unprecedented challenges that we, as a community, have navigated together, sacrificing, and compromising where we had to. I wholeheartedly believe that my diverse work experience, my ability to work with many different people, and my dedication to hearing all sides – both from the public and within council – will continue to be an asset to the Town of Petrolia as your council member.  It would be my great honour to serve this amazing community once again for another four years. Follow me on Facebook @


My name is Shalen Hunter and I am running for Petrolia Town Council. My family has been farming in Lambton County for generations, and I grew up in the historic house where I now raise my own children. Despite moving around a lot as a child due to my father’s job, Petrolia has always been home. We came back every summer in the hockey offseason and helped my dad’s family farm soybeans and wheat.
After completing my Bachelors of Arts degree at Western in 2009, I sought adventure by working in places like Ireland and South Africa. My experiences overseas inspired me to return to my own community and dedicate myself to a career that is foundational to human rights everywhere: education. In pursuit of this goal I completed a Masters in Education in 2011, focusing on English and History.
Currently I am a teacher with the Lambton-Kent District School Board, most recently as supply for both the secondary and elementary school boards. Previous positions include Program Coordinator for Georgian College and Secretary of the Muskoka Wharf Business Association. Follow me on Facebook @ ShalenHunterForCouncil.


I was raised in Oil City and attended high school at LCCVI. My post secondary education was completed at the University of Waterloo earning my Bachelor of Applied Science – Honours Chemical Engineering Degree.
After spending time living in larger cities, my wife and I relocated back to the Town of Petrolia in 2014 to raise our family. My educational background has provided me the opportunity to work in process engineering and plant management. These roles have allowed me to develop experiences in continuous improvement, leadership, planning and teamwork. A skill set which I believe can be directly reflected in the role as Councillor.
I would like to see the next generation of residents get involved with our local government bringing a fresh set of ideas and experiences for the future planning of the Town.


Hello and welcome to the Town of Petrolia! For the first time, I am running for a position on Town Council. I will honestly say that so far, the process has been equally terrifying and exciting. However, I am looking forward to the opportunity to represent the residents of Petrolia. I am a 44-year-old single mom of two amazing daughters, Michayla (18) and Kyra (20). Both are currently pursuing post-secondary education, Michayla at Lambton College, and Kyra at Queen’s University in Kingston.
I am a very hard-working, busy person. For almost ten years I have been an Early Childhood Educator with the St Clair Catholic District School Board. Prior to this I worked within our County Library system, where you may have seen me as I still do work in the libraries on an on-call basis. Or, you might have seen me at either the Saturday Petrolia Farmers Market or the Tuesday night market, with an Avon table! Currently I am also halfway through a Bachelor of Education program through the University of New Brunswick. A few people have asked me how I could possibly do this all, and then also decide to run for Councillor. I asked myself that exact question before deciding to file my nomination. While considering, many people reminded me that if you want something done, give it to a busy person.
Most importantly, I wanted something better for the residents of Petrolia, including my daughters. Everyone deserves to have Councillors represent them that are open and honest. That focus on what is best for the residents of Petrolia and for the future of Petrolia. I can promise you that if I am elected it will not be about me. My focus will be Petrolia, maintaining and improving this wonderful town that we live in.  |  (519) 381-9429
Connect with me on Facebook @ allisonmevis


I was born and raised in Lambton County. Spent 90% of my life on a farm. Work was never based on gender. That work ethic has carried me through many years. I have worked in the trades, the food industry, retail, factory and kept the entrepreneurial spirit alive involving myself in many home-based businesses. I was in a corporate role more recently, working remotely from 2017-2020 as the Ontario Sales Training manager for a BC based business.
I believe that a strong work ethic paired with strong desire will always provide opportunity. I’ve been poor, divorced and a single mother. I worked from nothing to become a respected businesswomen and community advocate. I’m familiar with the stigma like myself and other women face; I’m directly involved in the concerns with ALL, not just women. I bring 20 years as a small business owner, and I’m not shy about presenting a strong voice on tough issues. I am better known locally through my business, Bits N Buckles/Western Boot Corral, brought to Petrolia in 2012 to 2022. I moved a non-profiting business from Dresden to Petrolia and was nominated as small business of the year in 2013 while celebrating a 300% increase in our first year. I have started many career choices with little to no experience. I needed the opportunity to try, learn the skills needed my resume did not provide and become an asset. I’m proud to say I achieved many wonderful things by applying my skills and learning on the job from peers and new perspectives. A seat
on Town council is another opportunity for me to apply this learning. I attended LCCVI as did my two brothers and our four sons. My husband Kevin of 32 years, played for the Petrolia Squires for many years, and three of my boys played minor hockey here. Petrolia has also felt like home. We have been involved in many aspects longer than I can remember.
In the last 8 years, I have pushed through many obstacles to bring local resources for mental health support and awareness. Hosting SafeTalk workshops, working with multi committees very closely to help find support for all. I published a book in 2020, I’m Still Your Mom offering insight to our health system and my journey. In 2021 I founded a not for profit, A guide to local community support for all ages called No One Stands Alone, we provide booklets to Lambton and Chatham Kent. Support for all and especially our front-line workers and union members. I have worked with many councils, city officials and professionals to educate and advocate for our community. It’s been an uphill battle, but we are seeing great results.
I’m not concerned about voicing an opinion but have learned to listen to needs shared and observed. I’ve fought for the average person for over 30 years and feel being elected would expand that voice and hope for all. I bring many different experiences to the table, I want to help the council and the mayor hear, act, and support a strong community. Offer support and new perspectives based on experience old and new. We have a strong agenda for 2023 and I wish to help bring advancement into the years ahead.
I strongly believe adversity, experience in work and life brings strength to the table. I have always provided an open door, listening ear and a safe place to talk for all who wish to share. It’s important to know you will have the open door long past your vote on October 24th.
If elected, I will be your representative, voted in by the people. I don’t have all the answers, but I am asking for your vote TO HAVE A SEAT AT THE TABLE.  |  Follow on Facebook @ Electdebbpitel 


Hello there. My name is Grant Purdy, and I am seeking re-election to a 3rd Term on Petrolia Town Council. I am originally from Blenheim, Ontario, but have been in Petrolia since 2001. Prior to relocating to Petrolia, I lived in Brigden from 1996 – 2001.
I was first elected to Petrolia Council in 2014. I am proud of my record of representing the best interests of the people of our great town. I have a reputation of not being afraid to ask tough questions, or to make difficult choices that may not always be popular, but are the right ones. I am grateful and humble for the opportunity to have earned the respect and trust of the voters. I am proud of the fact that we were able to weather the pandemic, and emerge in a strong and vibrant way. Our downtown is thriving, and we are continuing to experience significant growth in both our business and residential communities. For a town of our size, we are doing extremely well. I’m proud that we have not only been able to hold the line on our portion of property taxes the last few years, but at the same time still able to complete several key infrastructure projects. I hope to be able to continue to be part of this exciting chapter in our towns’ history. I feel I still have much to offer. I am a strong proponent of amenities for all demographics – including an emphasis on youth and young families; as well as accessibility and walkability, and balancing fiscal responsibility with strategic priorities and mandates.
I am a very caring individual – currently entering my 29th year as a Paramedic with the County of Lambton EMS. I worked out of the Brigden Ambulance Station from 1994-2001, and have worked in Petrolia from 2001 – present. My hobbies include umpiring hardball and refereeing ice hockey.
I have a daughter, 22, and a son, 19, who are both currently in post secondary education studies. I am very approachable, and would love to hear from members of my community that have any questions or ideas for what they would like to see from their next term of council.
Please visit my Facebook Page for my contact information.


Liz was born and raised in Petrolia. She and husband Dave raised their two daughters Sydnie and Keely here and are now blessed with their son in law, Michael, and grandson Clark, who live just down the street.
Liz worked at the Petrolia Library for 20 years connecting with residents every day. For 12 years she had the privilege of serving on Petrolia Town Council where she was the council representative for the Victoria Playhouse Petrolia Advisory Committee, Petrolia Heritage Advisory Committee, and the Waste Management Citizen Liaison Committee. During this time Liz also completed a Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning. Since leaving council Liz continued to be actively involved in multiple municipal committees, including the Petrolia Heritage Committee and the VPP Foundation, became Chairperson of the working Board of Directors for the Petrolia Discovery Foundation, and attended and participated in council meetings.
Liz is an effective, passionate, and detail-oriented leader who listens, investigates, and considers all points of view before making a decision. She is committed to the principles and values of public service and will work hard to make sure local voices are heard and respected at council.