MWO Sports – Leafs are adapting, Port Elgin ready for the Tankard

Nick Kypreos joins the team on MWO Sports on CKNX Friday night.

The former player and now hockey analyst says the team seems to be adapting and gives some Sheldon Keefe credit.

“You know, everybody talks about a great rush team, a puck possession team. Don’t kid yourself, they’ve turned themselves into a dump and chase team too,” said Kypreos.

As for individual efforts, Auston Matthews has 18 goals on the season and leads the NHL.

Kypreos says teams are not challenging Matthews enough.

“Not many opponents are challenging him or getting into his face, or throwing him off his rhythm,” said Kypreos. “There’s just solid opportunities for him to go out there and score.”

Also joining MWO Sports, Port Elgin’s Doug Flowers who is the Chair of the Steering Committee that is bringing the Ontario Tankard to the Port Elgin Curling Club in February of next year.

And that all started with conversation with Curl Ontario.

“They came up and said they were going to do a site visit, which they did four months ago,” said Flowers. “And they were impressed with what they saw and they basically said after that, you guys have got it.”

MWO Sports is on CKNX and starts following the 6 p.m. news.