Golfing weather fast approaching

Golf ball on a white tee. © Can Stock Photo / Molka

The kind of weather we’ve had so far has not really made golf seem like a good idea.

But that appears to be changing and golfers are anxious to get out and golf course owners are anxious to open their courses.

Seaforth Golf Course co-owner, Carolanne Doig, says there are petitions circulating and local golf courses have been talking with one another and with Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson.

Doig points out golf is a game and a lot of people are dealing with more important things than how they can add ten yards to their drive. But she adds, when it’s safe, it can also be a great release for people who have been cooped up in their homes for several weeks.

And Doig says there are several things that can be done to make golfing safe.

“So we would remind everyone to remain six feet apart, which is a little bit more than a driver’s length and then we would remove shared objects. So we would not put out things like our benches, our ball washers, the rakes in the bunker, because those are all shared things,” said Doig.

She says to help maintain distancing, they would raise the cups on the greens.

“We would raise the cups in the green an inch or a little bit more, so that when you putt, the ball just rolls up to the hole, hit the cup liner and then you consider it holed. And the other person would putt,” added Doig.

This way, no one has to put their hand in the hole to get their ball and no one has to touch the flag, so people don’t have to gather around the hole.

Doig says, with the weather finally getting more like summer, owners are as anxious as golfers to get the courses open as soon as they can open safely.