Hockey Canada changes names of age divisions

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The names of minor hockey divisions across Canada will change next season.

Hockey Canada approved a regulation change at its Winter Congress this weekend in Montreal.

The move follows the recommendations of a task team and the divisions will change to U7 through to U21 for all minor and female hockey programs under Hockey Canada umbrella.

The change was initiated by Hockey Canada and its 13 provincial and territorial members and will be implemented nationally with their input and support for next season.

Division name changes for 2020-2021:
2014 and before 6 and under Under-7 (U7)
2012-2013 7-8 Under-9 (U9)
2010-2011 9-10 Under-11 (U11)
2008-2009 11-12 Under-13 (U13)
2006-2007 13-14 Under-15 (U15)
2003-2004-2005 15-16-17 Under-18 (U18)
2000-2001-2002 18-19-20 Under-21 (U21)

In a news release chair of the Hockey Canada Board of Directors stated it’s an effort to make the game inclusive.

“We believe everyone should feel welcome in the game and in our on-going effort to make hockey more inclusive, the Members at the Hockey Canada Annual Meeting determined that the names of our age Divisions will change,” said Brind’Amour. “Following a comprehensive review, we believe this change will simplify the system for families who may be new to the game. The new age Division names will be implemented for next season.”