Mitchell Hawks forced to change Indigenous inspired logo

A local junior hockey team will start a four year process to change its logo.

The Mitchell Hawks have agreed to change their longtime logo after a request from the Ontario Human Rights Commission was sent to West Perth noting complaints and concerns with the team’s Indigenous inspired logo. West Perth was one of 40 municipalities to receive similar requests.

Hawks GM Kevin Ward says the team isn’t holding any ill will toward the request.

“There’s no hard feelings at the moment and I’m sure when it comes down to picking the new logo everyone will have different ideas. But we will take it one step at a time and we’ve removed all the existing logos for now.”

The PJHL club agreed to remove all items with the logo, in use since 1966-67, from the Mitchell Arena, and they have 4 years to change the logo. It could cost thousands of dollars for new uniforms and branding.

“We’ll keep the name, certainly for now anyways, and we’re still very early in this process, so we will have later discussions on changing the logo or maybe the name, however we want to do it. We have 4 years. We’ll take our time,” said Ward.

The team is considering doing a fan art contest.

The nearby Tavistock Braves are going through the same process.