GOJHL Showcase Postponed

A strange set of circumstances has caused the postponement of a signature junior hockey event.

The annual GOJHL Showcase (scheduled for Sept. 7-9 in St. Catherines), according to the GOJHL, has been postponed to a later date due to the GOJHL’s claims Twitter that the Ontario Hockey Association “refused to provide referees for the event.” The OHA responded with a statement of their own on social media, claiming they “did not refuse to provide officials for the event, but was in the process of assigning officials when the organizer of the event unilaterally postponed it.”

The organizer, which the OHA statement refers to as GOJHL Inc., is not a registered entity of the OHA, OHF or Hockey Canada, according to the OHA statement. The OHA statement ends by saying “The OHA was unable to sanction the event without its requirements being met by the event organizer and without adequate responses from the event organizer to the OHA’s request for information.

**This is an ongoing story and updates will be made when more information becomes available**