Members of the Canadian Jr. Men's Softball Team in Prince Albert, SK. Kneeling from left to right, Logan Tolton (Belmore), Mac Fischer (Teeswater), Owen Torrie (Williamsford), Mac Mulvey (Belmore). Around them, members of their families who made the trip to support the team. (Photo by Steve Sabourin)

Canadian Pride In Saskatchewan

Canada is one of the four undefeated teams at the 2018 WBSC Junior Men’s World Softball Championships in Prince Albert, SK.

After three days of competition, Canada is 3-0 after a 10-3 win over the U.S.A., 6-1 over the Czech Republic and 7-0 over Guatamala.

New Zealand, Japan and Australia are the other thrree undefeated teams.

The big test comes Tuesday night when Canada plays New Zealand.

Canada has been able to win their first three games thanks to a mix of speed, power and pitching.

Head coach Jeff Ellsworth.

“And these guys here have bought into the program,” said Ellsworth. “And it doesn’t matter if you are one through nine, when you are called upon to slap bunt, hit opposite field or hit and run or whatever it is, they have bought in and willing to do whatever it takes.”

The group includes four players from Midwestern Ontario.

Williamsford’s Owen Torrie picked up the win in the first game against the U.S.A.

Mac Mulvey has pinch run in two games and Mac Fisher went in as a pinch hitter in the game against Guatamala and made contact but flied out.

Logan Tolton is on the bench but is not expected to play because of injury but is helping the team in their preparation for games.

For Ellsworth that preparation is all about consistency.

“It’s the consistencies, it’s the routines,” said Ellsworth. “We have a brain drain every morning at 11, then we go to lunch, then we go to the ball park and we do the same thing. As soon as you slack off and deviate from the routines, that’s when you can start to get into a few issues.”

There are three more days of round robin competition before the playoffs start on Saturday.

The tournament is sanctioned by the WBSC (World Baseball Softball Confederation) and games are being streamed on the WBSC YouTube channel.

The game featuring Canada and New Zealand will be on at 8 p.m. CST which is 10 p.m. EST.