Listowel Legionnaires Confident Heading Into 2018 Midwestern Ontario Senior Baseball League Season

Today is the start of another season for the Midwestern Ontario Senior Baseball League.

Chris Kurz, the owner of the Listowel Legionnaires club, says so far over the first few seasons, the reception to the league by local fans has been amazing.

“We’ve been really blessed. A lot of people are looking for some local ball to watch and follow, some local players they might have grown up with. We get nice nights at the ball park and people are coming to take it in.”

The league is welcoming a new team into the fold with the Listowel Jr. Legionnaires. Today’s season opener has Woodstock in Byron at 7. The Legionnaires open tomorrow at home against London at 4, with the Jr.’s playing London at 7. Kurz says his team will be one of many looking to snatch the title away from Kincardine.

“It’s certainly a competitive league, it’s not your average slow-pitch league. The good boys from Kincardine have been on top of the league for a couple years now, so there’s a couple team that have their eye on them and will be looking to knock them off their pedestal.”

With the new Jr. Legionnaires squad as well as some changes to his own team, Kurz says he’s excited about his team’s chances.

“I’m really pleased so far with the coaching thus far, and the players response to the coaching. A couple new players in the fold, as well, both for the senior team and the new junior team, but many of them are Listowel home-grown guys. So people from this area will have seen them playing minor ball here.”

Kurz notes on top of hosting the league playoff tournament for a third straight year, Listowel will play host to the A division of the All Ontario Senior Championships this year, as well, which Listowel won last year.

“It’s going to bring a lot of people to town, we’re really excited about that. Obviously the whole economic landscape is positively affected by hosting a tournament like that. We’re really excited to give back to our community that supported our own team so much, which is why we’re more than happy to do the leg work and run a tournament of that nature.”

With competition getting tighter every year, Kurz made a final bold prediction for the season.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say the Listowel Legionnaires are going to win the league, with the Jr. Legionnaires as runners up. So there’s some billboard material for other teams. We’re going in expecting to do really well, so bring on all comers, so to speak.”