Goderich Flyers Release New Jersey Design

Goderich Orr Insurance Flyers released a sneak peak at their new jerseys this week. Image courtesy of Goderich Orr Insurance Flyers.

The Goderich Orr Insurance Flyers released the design for their new jerseys.

Spokesperson for the Flyers, Doug Cruickshank says they based the team name and the jerseys on the 1947 Goderich Louzon Flyers who went 21-0 that year and won the All Ontario Junior C Championship.

He says some members of the executive and booster club reached out to the alumni and some will try and make the home opener on September 18th.

The Goderich Flyers home jersey is antique white and the away jersey is black with antique white accents. The crest is double wings with a square in the centre. In the middle of the square is the crown from the Port of Goderich. Cruikshank says they hope to have the jerseys by the end of August.