OHA Turns Down Junior “B” Reclassification

The Ontario Hockey Association has turned down the GOJHL’s request to be reclassified from ‘Junior B’ to ‘Junior A’.

OHA officials gave several reasons for not approving the move including that there should only be one ‘Junior A’ category to operate under one set of rules and regulations.  And to have rival leagues is not conducive to the orderly conduct of competition.

Another factor has to do with the impact the reclassification would have on other levels of play under the OHA umbrella.

“The Junior B category is a huge part of what the OHA is, has been, and what it can be moving forward.  Our Junior B programs offer tremendous opportunities for players and coaches to advance ot higher levels within the game,” said Scott Farley, OHA Chief Executive Officer. “The GOJHL is arguably the best Junior B league in Canada and they have provided amazing opportunities to players and coaches in the communities they represent.”