Lakers Ready For All Ontario

The All Ontario “AAA” Bantam Tournament starts in Stratford today.

Seven teams are playing in a round robin format at the Allman Arena.  The first game is at nine this morning when Quinte plays the London Jr. Knights.

The host Huron-Perth Lakers play at eleven versus the Soo Greyhounds then again at eight tonight against Thunder Bay.

All games are at the Allman Arena.

Division Game # Time Visitor Result Home
Monday, March 31, 2014
Preliminar B1 9:00 AM Quinte Red Devils -OMHA London Jr. Knights -Alliance
Preliminar B2 11:00 AM Huron Perth Lakers Soo Greyhounds- NOHA
Preliminar B3 1:00 PM Ottawa Jr. 67’s -HEO Thunder Bay Kings -HNO
Preliminar B4 3:00 PM Toronto Young Nationals -GTHL Quinte Red Devils -OMHA
Preliminar B5 5:00 PM Soo Greyhounds- NOHA London Jr. Knights -Alliance
Preliminar B6 8:00 PM Thunder Bay Kings -HNO Huron Perth Lakers
Tuesday, April 01, 2014
Preliminar B7 9:00 AM Toronto Young Nationals -GTHL Ottawa Jr. 67’s -HEO
Preliminar B8 11:00 AM Soo Greyhounds- NOHA Quinte Red Devils -OMHA
Preliminar B9 1:00 PM London Jr. Knights -Alliance Huron Perth Lakers
Preliminar B10 3:00 PM Toronto Young Nationals -GTHL Thunder Bay Kings -HNO
Preliminar B11 5:00 PM Quinte Red Devils -OMHA Ottawa Jr. 67’s -HEO
Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Preliminar B12 9:00 AM London Jr. Knights -Alliance Toronto Young Nationals -GTHL
Preliminar B13 11:00 AM Ottawa Jr. 67’s -HEO Soo Greyhounds- NOHA
Preliminar B14 1:00 PM Quinte Red Devils -OMHA Huron Perth Lakers
Preliminar B15 3:00 PM London Jr. Knights -Alliance Thunder Bay Kings -HNO
Preliminar B16 5:00 PM Soo Greyhounds- NOHA Toronto Young Nationals -GTHL
Preliminar B17 7:00 PM Huron Perth Lakers Ottawa Jr. 67’s -HEO
Thursday, April 03, 2014
Preliminar B18 9:00 AM Thunder Bay Kings -HNO Quinte Red Devils -OMHA
Preliminar B19 11:00 AM Huron Perth Lakers Toronto Young Nationals -GTHL
Preliminar B20 1:00 PM Ottawa Jr. 67’s -HEO London Jr. Knights -Alliance
Preliminar B21 3:00 PM Thunder Bay Kings -HNO Soo Greyhounds- NOHA
Friday, April 04, 2014
Semi-Final B22 12:00 PM 4th Place, Round Robin 1st Place, Round Robin
Semi-Final B23 2:30 PM 3rd Place, Round Robin 2nd Place, Round Robin
Saturday, April 05, 2014
Finals B24 11:00 AM 4th Place, Semi 3rd Place, Semi
Finals B25 2:00 PM 2nd Place, Semi 1st Place, Semi