Bruce County hires first Deputy CAO

Bruce County Deputy CAO Christine MacDonald - June 2022 Photo from Bruce County

The new Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Bruce County is Christine MacDonald. The county created the new role as part of a corporate revisioning which will allow CAO Derrick Thomson to focus on corporate strategy, and communications at the Provincial and Federal levels of government. That includes a new inter-governmental office within the Office of the CAO .

The Deputy CAO position is the second most senior staff position within the County and is the designate to act as the CAO in the CAO’s absence. The  Deputy CAO will take on the responsibility for a variety of support and operational departments within the organization, with the Directors of those departments reporting directly to the Deputy.

Deputy CAO MacDonald is Bruce County’s current Director of Human Services.  Christine first joined the County in 2007 as the Housing Manager and has deep roots in Bruce County and the region.

“I am very pleased to offer congratulations to Christine MacDonald on her appointment as our new Deputy CAO. Christine is a changemaker and talented senior leader for Bruce County and I look forward to working with her on operational and strategic initiatives. Our organizational restructuring will create many new opportunities for Bruce County’s voice to be heard and expertise to be showcased,” said CAO Derrick Thomson.