Saugeen Shores declares surplus land to proceed with Cedar Crescent Village development

An important step has been taken to progress the development of Cedar Crescent Village in Port Elgin. 

Saugeen Shores Mayor, Luke Charbonneau, says council has declared the waterfront lands that are set to become the CCV development as surplus.

“A project like that, a public-private partnership, is a lot of process, a lot of regulations that have to be adhered to. It’s a lot of steps that have to be taken, and this is just another one that we have to take. Before too long there will be a building permit issued and we’ll see some shovels in the ground,” said Charbonneau. 

Charbonneau says this is largely an administrative decision. 

“All the land continues to be municipally owned. It isn’t for sale or anything like that. It’s really just a statement that we need to make when we enter into a lease agreement that is more than 21 years so that the lease can be registered properly,” he added. The Town and the developers of the CCV have entered into a 50-year lease agreement. 

Now, the next steps will include issuing a building permit, and getting shovels in the ground. 

“They’re very, very close to being able to start construction. But of course, we’re living in a time where there are various supply chain issues around construction and it may take longer than some of us may hope to get through that process. I’m hopeful construction will start in the very near future,” he said.