If you sever a farm property, be sure the vacant land has a 911 number

(BlackburnNews.com file photo)

A report from staff requested by county council confirmed some of their concerns regarding severed land.

“In part of the report, it’s clear that when you sever off a home on a farm they get a 911 number. But the owner of the vacant land, they do not necessarily give them a 911 number unless they’re asked,” said Bluewater Mayor, Paul Klopp.

Klopp cautions anyone who has vacant land not to assume they automatically have a 911 number.

“You need to apply for that and you can ask at your local council, your local, lower tier and they can go through the process,” said Klopp.

Klopp adds, he knows of one instance where a combine caught on fire in a field and they had some trouble giving directions to the fire department because the property didn’t have a 911 number.