Eh!Tel Networks expands fibre internet to part of Grey County

(File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / gunnar3000)

Eh!Tel Networks is gearing up to bring fibre internet to homes in parts of Grey County.

“We’re covering just west of Meaford, towards Walters Falls — between Walters Falls and Woodford” said sales manager Wendy Peeters. “And then we’re going into all of Georgian Bluffs and most of Chatsworth, except for the areas the consider as served.”

The company recently approached Meaford council for help with the project, asking council for approval to use some town land for what they call point of presence locations, small buildings that will house their materials and supplies.

“Normally we try to get out in advance for P.O.P. locations,” explained Peeters. “They’re small, little buildings where we actually house the equipment for the fibre. We look for staging areas, places that would accommodating for water and land fill.”

Peeters says right now they are looking to have the fibre-to-home project completed in 2025.