Weather Network releases fall forecast

Fall Leaves. (Photo by © Can Stock Photo / rbiedermann)

If you like fall temperatures on the mild side, you will love the fall outlook from The Weather Network (TWN).

As the region transitions from a warm and generally dry summer to autumn, TWN Meteorologist Rachel Modestino said we will see a pleasantly warm start to fall.

“It does look like above-normal temperatures are going to dominate most of the fall, specifically in the early stages, so September and October,” said Modestino. “Our summer got off to a late start, so it seems more of a pattern of a late summer than early fall.”

Modestino believed that the hot and humid weather that much of the region experienced this summer may soon be over, as indicated by the decline in temperatures that is always seen this time of year.

“Although we’re advertising above-normal temperatures, our averages are going to be diminishing,” said Modestino. “The hot spells do look like they’re behind us, but more of a comfortable, warm, crisp, fall-like weather does look like it’s in store.”

Modestino said to expect the big change to come in November.

“November is notorious as it brings that transitional period,” said Modestino. “It does look like the mild pattern breaks down late fall, so November does look like the time we’ll get into that colder weather.”

As far as precipitation goes, TWN said there is a chance we may see a strong fall storm or two before the weather turns cold, but precipitation levels for southwestern and midwestern Ontario will be near normal. The region may see some measurable snow in November, but nothing that will pack a punch.

A complete breakdown of TWN’s fall outlook can be found on its official website.