Canada funds efforts to ensure quantum computers can resist hacking

Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino at Green Sun Rising Inc. in Windsor, April 11, 2022. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

The Minister of Public Safety has announced a $675,000 dollar federal funding investment to Quantum-Safe Canada to find ways to ensure quantum computers can resist hacking and threats to encryption.

Marco Mendicino said,” It will help Canada to prepare for and respond to the Quantum threat, coordinating research, technology, tools and training. We will also ensure that those charged with protecting the systems that Canadians rely on have the knowledge and the skills they need.”

The minister stopped in Waterloo Region Tuesday to say the Government of Canada is redoubling efforts to protect Canadians from the quantum threats.

Mendicino pointed out that cyber security equals national security.

“It means that we must ensure that cyber security is seen first and foremost as a matter of protecting Canadians just as much as much as our physical border, and our other critical infrastructure. And just as importantly that we have the tools we need to do the job,” he explained.

“Quantum-Safe Canada greatly appreciates the ongoing involvement of Public Safety Canada in our efforts to ensure the quantum readiness of Canada’s critical infrastructure systems, and the financial support that Minister Mendicino announced today,” said Dr Michele Mosca, Executive Director, Quantum-Safe Canada.