Blyth Festival to open this week

Blyth Festival logo. (Blackburn stock photo)

The Blyth Festival’s 2022 season gets underway this Friday.

The first play of the season is the Drawer Boy, written by Michael Healey. The play is set in 1972 and involves two two farmers who have lived on their farm since the Second World War. They take in an actor from Toronto who has come to the area to learn about farming so he can write a play about farming. Cam Lawrie, from Varna but now living in Toronto, plays the part of the actor and describes the character.

“This guy’s a bit of a dolt when it comes to farming, but he does, sort of, start to uncover these two friend’s stories and as he uncovers it, he wants to put it in the play and that causes some friction, some drama, but also, lots of laughs.”

Lawrie says he’s really looking forward to performing on the new, outdoor, Harvest Stage.

“We’re so lucky to get to do that out there and it’s brilliant what Blyth did, building that stage. It’s such a good use of resources and a great way to pivot with the last couple of years that we’ve had and it’s a space that can be host to a number of events and community events and I just think it’s such a gift, both to the Festival and the community.”

Lawrie says they have previews on June 22nd and June 23rd, with the season opener on this Friday, June 24th.