Huron Waves Music Festival hosting event as a tribute to Ukraine

Victor Mishalow, Ukrainian bandurist. Photo courtesy of Huron Waves Music Festival.

The Huron Waves Music Festival is hosting a very special event Sunday in Grand Bend.

Artistic Director, John Miller, says the event is called We Stand with Ukraine and it’s unique because Ukrainian citizens will take part in its music and its spoken word, and because it will link the audience in Grand Bend Place with Ukraine itself. 

Miller says the music will be built around the bandura, “which is the national instrument of Ukraine, and feature one of the country’s leading players. We think we’re going to be able to actually link with another great Ukrainian Bandurist, who’s in the armed forces.”

Miller says the goal is to have a Canadian of Ukrainian heritage playing in Grand Bend. “We want to have a Canadian of Ukrainian heritage playing in Grand Bend in Canada linked to someone who is on the front line, as close as we can get it, on Sunday afternoon, over in Ukraine.”

Special guests at the event will be three students from Ukraine who are studying at Fanshawe College and Western University in London and Miller says proceeds from the event will go to help the students.

We Stand with Ukraine begins at 3pm on Sunday, June 19th at Grand Bend Place, 25 Main Street West in downtown Grand Bend. 

Tickets may be purchased in advance through the Music Festival’s website or at the door prior to the presentation.