Work continues on main street of Bayfield

Construction in Bayfield in May of 2022. (Image by Bob Montgomery)

A councillor from the Municipality of Bluewater says work is moving along on the main street in Bayfield.

Bill Whestone represents the Bayfield Ward.

“It’s going on schedule. We haven’t had any major hiccups, by any means. So cross fingers it continues that way. We’ve now closed the road at the front, by the Albion, it’s now closed, but the back end is now open, now it’s drivable,” said Whestone.

“Where the original construction was, it’s now hard-packed and you can park at the back end now. And then the front end will be completed by the end of June and then we’ll be shutting down construction for the rest of the summer and you’ll be able to drive and walk, just like you did in any other summer.”

People who want to get to a store on the front end of the main street can still park in Clan Gregor Square and walk down the street or park and walk from the back end.