New long-term care facility in Mitchell on schedule and on budget

(Provided by West Perth Village)

The new West Perth Village long-term care home is nearly finished in Mitchell.

Jeff Renaud, the administrator of the current Ritz Lutheran Villa, says construction on the new 128-bed facility is about 75 per cent finished after getting underway about two years ago.

“Our home is going to replace the two aging homes in Mitchell that we have here. Our project is largely on time, it was up until a couple weeks ago when some of the construction trades decided they were going to go on strike, and we’re on budget.”

The Ministry of Health provided funding toward the build, which will come in at around $23 million, replacing the current Ritz Lutheran and Mitchell Nursing Homes.

And fundraising started years ago.

“That fundraising started way back in 2006, so we used Missing Link money, and we’ve been able to generate almost $4 million in total donations to the project, so it’s really been a community affair.”

Many other partners, including West Perth, helped get the project moving, and residents will likely ready to move in after the summer.

“We’re still aiming to have residents moved into the new home at the end of October this year. So four of five months of hard work, and all the trades are kind of feeling the crunch, and we’re working on our occupancy plan with our committee as we speak.”

The West Perth Village long-term care home will be on the current Ritz Lutheran campus off Highway 23.