Pride flag to be flown for first time in North Perth next month

(Provided by AJ Adams (he/him), President/Board Chair of Stratford-Perth Pride)

The Pride flag will be flown for the first time ever in North Perth next month during Pride Month.

Stratford-Perth Pride says in a 7-3 decision, North Perth Council voted in favour Monday to fly the Pride Flag throughout the month of June at the Municipal Administration Office in Listowel.

It is the first time in the municipality’s history the flag will be officially flown.

The release states that “prior council requests have been made to fly the Pride flag but have been denied due not being in compliance with the municipality’s Policy for Flying of Banners and Flags and Proclamations.”

Stratford-Perth Pride became an incorporated non-profit as of April this year, and the group is now a local organization under North Perth’s policy in regards to the flying of flags. The organization als has various events and programming offerings throughout the month of June.

“Even though a flag is just a piece of fabric, to many of us, a Pride flag is an acknowledgement of our ability to love who want, identify as who we are, and live our lives authentically – out and proud,” said A.J. Adams, President of Stratford-Perth Pride.

“Raising the Pride flag is a wonderful way to kick-off Pride Month not only in North Perth but all of Perth County,” added Hollie Chavarria, Co-Founder of North Perth Pride.