Seniors Games set for Huron-Perth, and Middlesex

Lawn Bowling - Photo courtesy of

The 2022 55+ Games for District 29 will get underway later this month.

Gail Prior is the Games Coordinator for Ontario Senior Games District 29. She says they have about forty district throughout Ontario and District 29 includes Huron, Perth and Middlesex. Prior says the Ontario Senior Games started about 35 years ago and she they have winter and summer games.

“For the summer games, we have the card games, which a lot of people like, but we also have active ones, such as pickle ball, tennis, slo-pitch,” Prior said. “We have also some ones that a lot of people like to go into because they don’t have to be particularly fast, or anything, because they’re prediction events.”

She explains, those are events where participants estimate or predict, how long it will take them to walk or swim or cycle a certain distance and the winner is the one with the most accurate prediction.

“There’s quite a few people who go in the games just because they like to be able to play against different people, they like to socialize and from year to year, you see some people that maybe you don’t see on a regular basis and they are quite social.”

Prior explains the districts will be holding their Games shortly. The Games for District 29 start on May 24 and continue to June 20th and the winners of the local games advance to the Provincial Games in Peterborough in August.

More information about the 55+ Games and how to enter can be found here.