Hatch Engineering provides support to planned pumped storage project in Meaford

(John Chippa file photo for BlackburnNews.com)

TC Energy has contracted the expertise of Hatch Ltd. Engineering to support their planned 1000 MW pumped storage facility in Meaford. Hatch said the company will provide reservoir safety expertise and advisory services for the proposed project located on the bluffs of Georgian Bay, which will pump water from the bay up the bluff at night, and release it during the day to create power.

Hatch will develop the project, in addition to design services. The company says they have 100 years of experience to apply and that reservoir safety will be a top priority. Hatch added they understand the unique challenges and concerns of the surrounding communities, and the importance of Georgian Bay to the local environment.

A media release from Hatch states:

“Known for tackling the world’s toughest challenges, we offer a comprehensive array of technical and strategic services in the hydropower and dam industry. Established in 1924, Hatch’s hydropower and dam business was founded in Niagara Falls and has since built an international reputation in the development and enhancement of hydroelectric power facilities—starting with the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station. To complement this internal experience, the Independent Reservoir Safety Advisory Board will be comprised of independent individuals specifically selected for their global expertise and experience on reservoirs.”

Hatch believes they have the tools to do the job. “Hatch boasts a proprietary dam safety risk screening tool, which was developed in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry; the Grand River Conservation Authority; and Ontario Power Generation. In 2015, we received the Award of Merit from the Consulting Engineers of Ontario for this jointly developed tool. Since then, the tool and the underlying assessment approach have been used to evaluate risks on multiple major dams.”

The release continued, “The legislative structure that seeks to safeguard us and our environment, is multi-tiered including the involvement of municipal, provincial, and federal governance. Pumped Storage Hydro development falls within the framework of hydroelectric power development.”

And Hatch concluded, “Hatch’s leadership of the Independent Reservoir Safety Advisory Board will help guide this panel of independent experts on reservoir safety to advise TC Energy through the design, construction, and operation phases of the project”

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