Clean Clinton group encourages thrifting

('Clean Clinton' logo from Central Huron Secondary School group's Facebook page)

Grade twelve students in the Environmental Science class at Central Huron Secondary School have come up with a unique project for their Clean Clinton program.

Student Faith Richter, says their ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of plastic waste and they’ve decided one way to do that is to encourage people to buy used, rather than new, clothing. Richter says handing out gift cards to thrift stores is a way to encourage that.

She added, “giving out gift cards to see if people can buy a nice outfit all by thrifting. It’s to encourage thrifting because it prevents making new clothes with polyester and other plastic materials that aren’t natural.”

Richter continued, “they take a picture of their outfit and they can send it through social media with some hash tags like, Clean Clinton and Thrift Gift and they can win certain prizes. We are going to aim for eco-friendly prizes, so maybe things like wooden tooth brushes, straws.”

Richter says there are other advantages to thrifting, aside from helping the environment. She says people often find very nice clothes by thrifting.