Avon Maitland District School Board encourages those interested to run for trustee

(BlackburnNews.com photo)

The Avon Maitland District School Board is encouraging anyone who might be interested in sitting on their Board of Trustees to submit their name in this fall’s municipal election.

Communications Manager, Chera Longston said they’re anticipating a few vacancies on their Board and trustees will be elected, along with municipal councillors, in this October’s election.

“So we’re just raising awareness of the important role that a trustee plays in the Board and also just helping people understand what the role is all about and encouraging people who have an interest in education to learn more about and consider submitting their name,” said Longston.

Longston says the application time line is from May until August and that can be done at their municipal clerk’s office.

Longston also points out, there are no specific qualifications for trustees.

“ I think that that’s what’s great is that people are coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. It’s not necessarily people that have come from an education background or have been educators in the past. I think we’re really looking for a good, diverse, representation of our community.”

More information and details about the role of a trustee can be found at amdsb.ca/trustee.