Bluewater Summer Day Camps return

(Blackburn News file photo)

The municipality of Bluewater is hosting two Summer Day Camp programs this July and August.

Public Works Manager, Maggie Off, said they’re excited about bringing the programs back after a two-year pandemic pause. Off says there will be two camps this summer, one at the Hensall Arena and the other at the Bayfield Arena. The camp at the Bayfield Arena is sponsored by the Bayfield Arena Community Partners Association in cooperation with the Bayfield Facilities Initiative Team.

The camps run from July 11th to August 26th and are for children from four-years-old to twelve-years-old.

“They’ll play lots of games outside, crafts, they’ll go on trips, they’ll have guest speakers, there’ll be sports, there’ll be a lot of running around in the splash pad,” said Off. “The goal of this summer is to keep kids outside as much as possible.”

Off explained the program the municipality offered in the past was more of a playground, drop-off, but that was interrupted by the pandemic in 2020. That program has evolved into more of a structured, day camp program, so parents will have to register at least a week in advance.

“We did a survey out to families to see what type of child care services they needed this summer and we had a hundred and forty families respond. Some people needed full care in the summer, some just wanted a day here and there, just so their kids could get out and meet friends and go on trips and play some games.”

Off says parents can register for the summer camp programs by going to the Bluewater Municipal website. She suggests parents register as soon as possible space is limited.