Ribbon skirts on display at Huron County Museum

Jaylynne Wolfe. Photo by Bob Montgomery

Fourteen-year-old grade nine student, Jaylynne Wolfe says she wanted to find a way to get young people on the Kettle and Stoney Point Reserve more involved in their culture.

The result was the creation of about 280 ribbon skirts and the project has been a huge success.

“I wanted to get the youth at my reserve to be more included in their culture and I thought this would be a really good way to do that. Ribbon skirts are worn to many events. Some people wear them every day, some people wear them to ceremonies and gatherings.”

The ribbon skirts are currently on display at the Huron County Museum in Goderich and they’ll be there until April 10th

Jaylynne is quick to point out, she didn’t didn’t sew all of the skirts herself.

“We got people to buy ten dollar kits and they would sew them and give them back to us. So, with help of everybody, we made all these skirts. We’re hoping to have a round dance with everybody once the skirts are gifted.”

And she says the skirts are going to be gifted back to the young people of Kettle and Stoney Point.

Jaylynne says it’s important for the young people of their community to get involved in the culture at an early age and she’s very pleased that the ribbon skirts seem to be achieving that goal. She will be at the Huron County Museum every Sunday afternoon until the exhibit closes on April 10th.