Goderich woman trying to help the country she grew up in

Donations. © Can Stock Photo / photka

A Goderich woman who grew up in Ukraine is trying to collect supplies to send to the country.

Iullia Dovzhenko grew up in Dnipro, a city of about a million people several hours southeast of Kyiv.

Dovzhenko says there are many items needed as people find shelter including hygiene products, first aid supplies and clothes.

“In subway stations, underground, because hospitals, some are being bombed and not working.”

She’s been trying to keep in touch with friends and family but communication has not been consistent.

“My family, I ask to write me whenever they can, so they are trying to, but some provinces they didn’t have light, they didn’t have electricity so there is no internet.”

Dovzhenko says she’s arranged a drop off point at the YMCA in Goderich adding she and her husband will then transport the goods to Toronto.

“So many people are reacting, so many people want to help so we will see how big it will be. I have some people that have written me to help with transportation as well so I’m so happy with this reaction and so happy with people’s hearts.”

Some of the items that are listed include:
• Non-perishable food
• Clothes and footwear for men/women/children
• Thermal underwear
• Hygiene products (women’s products, diapers, etc.)
• Blankets
• Bedding
• Table wear (disposable)
• First aid and first aid kits
• Tents, mattresses, sleeping bags
• Standalone lamps
• Candles
• Containers for liquids (cannisters for water, fuel, lubricants with capacity of 10-20 liters)
• Protective military gear (helmets, bulletproof vests, tactical backpacks, dry rations)