Work on Zurich water line to start this year

Bluewater council is close to awarding the contract for hooking up Zurich to the Lake Huron water line.

Mayor Paul Klopp says it’s something that has been discussed by several councils.

“We talked with Zurich residents about hooking up to the water supply system at Port Blake, at the lake. And council is moving forward and that means that we need to hook the line up and it’s going to come from Airport Line into Zurich,” explained Klopp.

“At the same time, we’re coordinating with the county and they’re going to be re-paving the road from Hensall to Zurich, so the road will be opened up to the main street of Zurich, coming from the east. The roads will be paved and sidewalks renewed and up-graded.”

Once the contract has been awarded, they’ll start the work as soon as possible and hope to have it completed by the fall of this year.