Virtual seminar to focus on vaccine confidence

The Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health logo. (Photo submitted)

A virtual seminar hosted by the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health will feature a discussion on vaccine confidence.

It will be led by Waterloo Associate Professor, Dr. Feng Chang.

One goal is to provide some resources that will help people who are reluctant to get vaccinated.

“It’s like a spectrum instead of a black and white yes or no. It’s more like a spectrum between people who are strongly for and people who are strongly against, but in the middle, there’s a whole line of different points where people are semi-convinced or semi-hesitant about vaccines,” said Dr. Chang.

“So for some it’s safety reasons, or they have seen people they know, maybe, run into some problems after vaccination, so that increases that whole hesitation. And for some it’s access issues and for some it’s information and for some it is miss-information as well.”

The session is scheduled for noon next Tuesday, January 11th and a link to the seminar can be found on the website at