West Grey Police Chief says force has tools for effective policing

BlackburnNews.com file photo. (Photo via West Grey Police Service)

The Chief of the West Grey Police Service says his force has everything they need to provide adequate and effective policing to the 900 kilometres it covers.

Rob Martin says he had very little notice that West Grey intended to discuss seeking costing from the Ontario Provincial Police that would cover the area.

“We have been providing good police coverage since we were formed, and we are presently looking at a new facility as our current building was designed to hold five people. We now have a staff of 22 people, and space is at a premium,” Martin told CKNX News. “We have the tools needed to get the job done and provide adequate and effective policing for the entire municipality.”

Chief Martin’s comments come on the heels of a very tight 4-3 vote by West Grey council to seek costing from the OPP after a Notice of Motion was made by Councillor Rebecca Hergert.

That motion was backed by three other councillors, but not Mayor Christine Robinson or Deputy Mayor Tom Hutchinson.

The councillors that voted to seek costing from the OPP were Hergert, Hamilton, Shea and Townsend.

Martin was also asked if he felt that the municipality had the ability and budget space to keep the West Grey Police.

“They have the ability to have local police. It means working together to solve budget concerns, and to find efficiencies that we have been looking for since I arrived in 2016. Growth is coming to the Town of Durham with the new subdivisions coming.”