Police eventually apprehend suspect in hit and run

It took three attempts for Saugeen Shores Police to apprehend a suspect accused of hitting a pedestrian with a vehicle.

In a release police say the initial incident happened Tuesday at 9:10 a.m. at the Sanctuary Park Cemetery in Port Elgin.

Police initially received a call about an erratic driver and that a pedestrian had been hit and was suffering minor injuries.

Police found a suspect vehicle nearby but the vehicle didn’t stop when the officer activated the cruiser’s lights and siren.

Out of concern for the public’s safety the officer did not pursue the suspect vehicle.

Saugeen Shores Police say the vehicle was seen “fleeing at a high rate of speed” and “not stopping at any traffic controls.”

Officers spotted the vehicle at other locations in Port Elgin and again the vehicle didn’t stop for police.

In one instance, police accuse the driver of accelerating towards them, forcing the officer to take evasive action.

Police tried to box in the vehicle when they found it parked at an apartment complex, but again the vehicle took off.

Police eventually found it abandoned and found the suspect at a nearby residence.

A 35-year old is charged with assault with a weapon, three counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, three counts of flight from police, and escape lawful custody.

She was released with a court date.