Over a hundred students in alternative learning in AMDSB

The Avon Maitland District School Board has seen 138 students enroll in its Supervised Alternative Learning this year.

“Essentially it’s a program for students who are struggling to achieve credit in our traditional school. So they are under the age when they can actually leave school legally, but they’re not making successful gains in our traditional school setting,” said Jane Morris, Superintendent of Education.

The Supervised Alternative Learning program offers students support in their home, through connection with the board’s attendance counsellors.

They assign educators to support students and do what they can to help them achieve credits while they are engaging in the traditional school setting.

“Some of these families have chosen not to engage with public education due to religious background. Low German communities, mostly in North Huron and North Perth tend to look for alternative ways of learning for their children,” added Morris.

School staff and a vice-principal usually work with the students to coordinate the application process.