Some gusty winds through the region, shoreline condition statement released

Maitland Conservation (Maitland Valley Conservation Authority)

A shoreline condition statement has been issued for the Lake Huron shoreline, warning of increased wave action over the next several days.

The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority says a series of low pressure systems are forecasted to track through the Great Lakes region in three distinct events, with the first beginning Thursday afternoon and ending Friday morning.

The second event is to begin early Saturday and last all day, while a third event is expected Monday evening.

The events are all expected to bring high wind events to the Lake Huron shoreline, and each event is expected to last approximately 12 hours.

The statement notes that the event forecasted for Monday has the potential to bring the greatest peak gusts yet this season, with widespread erosion of beaches and lakeshore bluffs continuing, increasing the risk for bluff failures.

The shoreline condition statement is expected to remain active until 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7th.