Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP disappointed in Throne Speech

The MP for Bruce Brey Owen Sound thinks this week’s Speech from the Throne was empty in substance, and full of unfulfilled promises first made in 2015. Alex Ruff said he is deeply concerned that the speech paid little attention to important issues affecting Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

He felt there was no mention of plans to increase, or invest in, rural broadband and the rural infrastructure needed to accelerate economic development, growth, and opportunities in the region. He was also disappointed to see there was no mention of the labour shortages many businesses and agri-businesses are currently facing, with businesses short hundreds of thousands of workers in Ontario alone.

“It is imperative the government takes action to address the labour shortages we are currently experiencing before we see the impacts disrupting supply chains, and we feel the consequences when we reach for products on grocery store shelves,” he said.

He added inflation and rising costs of living are significant issues for all Canadians are facing, be he felt the speech contained no concrete measures on how the government plans to address this.

“Younger Canadians are being priced out of homes in their own neighborhoods, seniors on fixed incomes are struggling to afford the essentials, and parents are feeling pressured by the rising costs of feeding their families. It is my sincere hope the government makes this a higher priority in this session of parliament,” Ruff explained.

“There was more missing from the 2021 Throne Speech than what was included, clearly demonstrating how out of touch this Liberal Government is with regular Canadians. No mention of our Canadian Armed Forces, no thanks or acknowledgement of our farmers who have ensured Canada’s food supply remained stable during the pandemic, and no concrete plans to address the issues impacting Canadians across the country,” Ruff said.

“My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to hold the government to account to provide solutions to these important challenges,” Ruff promised.