West Grey resident reunited with her dogs

Two dogs, Dexter and Nove, that were seized due to their appearance recently in West Grey (Photo submitted by Deanna Irvin-Wheeler)

A case of dogs being confiscated near Durham prompted the Premier of Ontario to get involved.

West Grey resident Deanna Irvin-Wheeler says her pedigreed American Bullies, Dexter and Nove, are back home following the intervention of Doug Ford.

Animal Control in West Grey took them away under the province’s DOLA legislation, or Dog Owners’ Liability Act.

Irvin-Wheeler tells CKNX that Ford contacted her on October 20th, saying he would get the wheels in motion to allow her to bring the dogs home, and he delivered, later telling Irvin-Wheeler she should quote-“make plans to go get them”.

She left Durham at midnight to arrive on the outskirts of Gatineau, Quebec at 7:00 a.m. to pick them up. Irvin-Wheeler says she got the dogs and immediately headed for home.

Premier Ford has reportedly weighed in personally on several similar situations across the province, including more incidents in Midwestern Ontario. His office was contacted by CKNX for the purpose of adding to this news story, but he declined to comment.

Last week, Ontario loosened regulations around the DOLA legislation, allowing animals seized solely on the basis of their alleged breed to be returned to owners while a breed investigation is conducted.