ABCA working to meet transition plan deadlines

Ausable Bayfield General Manager, Brian Horner, says the Conservation Authority has until the end of this year to present a transition plan to its member municipalities.
It will outline how they’ll address the changes to the Conservation Authorities Act and Horner says that’s the first of two deadlines facing the Authority.
“By the end of this year we need to have a transition plan with how we’re going to get to the new regulations by the January of 2024 deadline. So we need to have a plan and we need to get it out to our member municipalities so they’re aware of different steps we’re going to go through to get to that deadline,” said Horner.
“The other one is, by February 28th of 2022, we need to have a list or our, or inventory of our programs and services and make that available to our member municipalities, so we will be putting that out there to them as well.”
Horner also points out, both of those are only being presented to the member municipalities for information purposes.
No approval is required until January of 2024 and that’s on the transition plan.