ABCA celebrates 75th anniversary

(Blackburn News file photo)

Central Huron is the latest municipality to be profiled as part of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority’s 75th Anniversary celebration.

Healthy Watersheds Manager, Mari Veliz, says the Authority has twelve member municipalities. “Every municipality has different land use and natural environment considerations and different ways in which they’re building their community and highlighting each of their resources and so we work with each of those communities.

Veliz says each municipality is unique and if you were to drive through Central Huron, one of the first things you would notice are all of the trees that are there. “The river valleys certainly are something that people would notice. There are some areas of natural and scientific importance in that area. Central Huron has really done a good job at balancing development and the natural environment.”

Veliz says enhancing a community’s natural environment makes it a better place for the residents and also helps attract tourists to the municipality. Veliz adds, it doesn’t hurt that the Mayor of Central Huron, Jim Ginn, has always been a strong supporter of the Conservation Authority. More information about the 75th Anniversary can be found online.