West Perth council addressing recent complaint of illegal garbage dumping

A West Perth Municipal truck. (Photo by Ryan Drury)

West Perth Council is looking into ways to deter people from littering and illegally dumping garbage.

CAO Jeff Brick says council recently received a complaint on the matter at a recent meeting.

“We had a family and some young people in our community write a letter to council and express their current concern with roadside littering on Line 46. Council identified a couple of areas where they would like us to do some additional work. One of them is to post signs in places where we have seen hot spots for littering,” said Brick.

Stronger enforcement and potentially tickets for those caught offending might come into play, if need be. But Brick points out despite some concerns that have been raised lately, littering and illegal dumping is by no means a rampant problem in West Perth.

“We don’t have a lot of trouble on our West Perth roads here in our municipality, we maybe have one bad incident of dumping per year, and we wanna make sure that we aren’t suggesting that this is some sort of rampant issue,” added Brick.

That said, Brick notes that West Perth Council wants to ensure the communities and the well used trails are kept clean, especially the trails during winter when they are not maintained but still frequently used.