OPP urge motorists to watch for deer

Perth County OPP officials are urging all motorists not to veer for deer. Police are currently seeing an increase in vehicle collisions involving deer.

The OPP is urging the motoring public to be alert and aware of their surroundings. Deer-vehicle collision rates increase significantly 1.5 hours on either side of sunset and sunrise

Police suggest motorist scan the road, and slow down. You can watch for glowing eyes of deer at night, and if you see one deer, you can expect another nearby.

Deer will often run across the road from ditches and protected areas such as stream corridors and woodlots.

Don’t veer for deer. Should a deer run into the path of your vehicle, reduce your speed quickly, steer straight and stay in control. Remove all distractions. Buckle up. If you need to stop in a hurry, you want your body restrained to prevent unnecessary injury or possibly death.