Landowners urged to contact Ausable Bayfield Conservation before building in regulated areas

Ausable Bayfield Conservation photo

The Water and Planning Manager for the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority is reminding landowners who are contemplating additions to their buildings or changes to their property in regulated areas to make sure they and their contractors have the permits that are required for them to do what they’re hoping to do.

Geoff Cade explained, ““We have seen in some unfortunate incidences where landowners have gone ahead and done some work without having that consultation and at the end of the day, it increases the timeline on getting the approvals and then sometimes it becomes a bit of a costly mistake for them as well.”

Cade said understands that people see the involvement of the conservation authority as an additional layer to getting a permit, but he says the conservation authority’s job is to protect people and property from natural hazards, so they offer advice on the risks regarding natural hazards when people of proposing changes to their property

Cade also added, “I would really recommend and urge the landowners to make sure that the contractor has followed through on that and ask for a copy of the permit. Oftentimes there’s conditions on a permit which may follow construction where your contractor has gone and the landowner is still required to address the conditions of those permits.”

So, Cade says, it’s important to make sure that the contractor has the required permits and that the landowner understands what follow-up is required once the construction is completed.