Huron County identifies homelessness services as a top priority

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Kuzmaphoto.

Huron County council has identified the road mapping of homelessness services as a priority for 2021.

And the county says services that are to be mapped out should include programs offered directly by the Social and Property Services Department, or offered through a partnership with a supporting partner agency.

Manager of Housing Services, Christine Hoffman, says one of the points they want to make is it’s a lot easier to deal with somebody who’s experiencing or might be losing their home rather than after they’ve lost their home.

“We put a lot of our funding into front-end prevention just to stop that because it’s very difficult when somebody experiences homelessness to get them re-housed,” said Hoffman. “This fall, in Huron County, we’re completing another homelessness enumeration to further inform our work of all those experiencing homelessness in our community.”

Hoffman adds a lot of the work involves prevention and they will work with community partners to identify as many people as possible in Huron County communities who are currently homeless.