GFO hoping federal government can work as quickly as possible

The Grain Farmers of Ontario is sending out its congratulations to the Prime Minister and the federal government after Monday’s election results.

“Grain Farmers of Ontario looks forward to working with our Members of Parliament across the province and country to ensure that our farmer-members have access to the support programs we need to continue to produce food for everyone with confidence. We hope that the new government will continue to look to agriculture to play an important part in the economic recovery and help us be successful partners for them,” said Brendan Byrne, Chair, Grain Farmers of Ontario.

The GFO is asking the federal government to address some issues as quickly as possible.

That includes Business Risk Management programs, a low carbon toolbox for grain farmers including proven fossil fuel alternatives for drying grain, and to defend existing markets and find new markets for grains and oilseeds.

A couple of outstanding issues in the trade world include the UK/Canada trade agreement that allows for continued tariff-free access for grains and China’s ban on Canada‘s soybean imports, which according to the GFO must be removed.