Products recycled locally are going back into projects on the farm

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Products recycled locally are going back into projects on the farm.

Francis Veilleux is the president Bluewater Recycling.

He says it’s always been a goal see the commodities they collect be put back to work locally.

One example is the high density polyethylene they’re collecting in Huron, Perth, Lambton and Middlesex.

That material goes from their operation in Huron Park to EFS Plastics in Listowel, where it’s processed and then sent back to Bluewater Pipe in Huron Park.

“We send it to EFS Plastics in Listowell where they grind the material and put it through a wash process to remove any of the residual material and then they create a little plastic pellet and they bring it back to a company next door to us, Bluewater Pipe, and they make drainage tiles for the farm,” said Veilleux.

Veilleux says they’ve been doing that for fourteen months now and in the last year they’ve moved about a million pounds of that material.

“There’s actually another company next door to them, Exi-Plast Custom Moulding, that’s also using that material in their process, so Exi-Plast produces traffic cones out of them, made of 100 per cent post-consumer plastic and these materials are going to be out there for the next fifty years or so,” added Veilleux.