Port Elgin development plans on hold

Blackburn file photo.

Saugeen Shores is requesting that the plans for Cedar Crescent Village be brought forward to a Section 28 Hearing with the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority.

The proposed development includes a restaurant, special events hall, retail and recreation space to be built at the harbour at the Port Elgin Main Beach.

Saugeen Shores is concerned about the timeline of the project because no further decisions have been made about site plan.

According to the municipality, a floodline map was done in July and earlier this month, there was a request that the application be brought forward to a combined Administrative Review and Hearing on two technical matters – the Floodline Hazard Assessment and the Dynamic Beach Hazard.

The town’s release states that the hazard limits are based on the existing conditions and provide the framework for development of the site layout.

And depending on the determination of where the lines exist, the design of the development will change.

Without a decision regarding the existing conditions for the site, the engineering work can’t move ahead, putting any further design work on hold.

“We believe the application is complete and that the professionals engaged in the process are unable to reach consensus,” says Kara Van Myall, Chief Administrative Officer of the Town. “therefore the request for a Hearing is the appropriate path forward.”