Large group of cyclists ready to roll Friday through Grey, Bruce

( photo)

Cyclists will make their way from Blue Mountain to Point Clark over the next few days.

Over 70 cyclists are participating in the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure.

The route starts at Blue Mountain Village and takes the group through various communities including Owen Sound, Lion’s Head, Tobermory, Southampton and Point Clarke.

CAA South Central Ontario is a supporter of the event and is reminding drivers to be aware of the cyclists who will be using various county roads to travel.

The event starts Friday and continues through to next Wednesday.


Great Waterfront Trail routes:

Friday August 6, 2021 (Blue Mountain Village to Creemore Loop – Simcoe County)

Grey Rd 19; Jozo Weider Blvd to Sixth St / Grey Rd 32,

Grey Rd 32 / Sixth Line; Grey Rd 19 to Tenth Line,

Concession 10 Nottawasaga Rd; Sixth Line to Sideroad 33 & 34 Nottawasaga,

Fairgrounds Rd; Sideroad 33 & 34 Nottawasaga to Louisa St / County Rd 9,

County Rd 9 / Louisa St; Collingwood St to Riverside Dr.,

Concession Rd 6 – Riverside Dr to Sideroad 33 & 34 Nottawasaga,

Saturday, August 7, 2021 (Blue Mountain Village to Owen Sound)

Grey Rd 19, Jozo Weider Blvd to Monterra St,

Crossing N Sykes St at Grey Rd 12 / Nelson St W,

Grey Rd 12; Gardiner St / Miller St to Sideroad 16,

Highway 26; 12 Line to St. Vincent-Sydenham Townline Rd,

Bayshore Rd; Sideroad 23 to Grey Rd 15,

Grey Rd 15; Princes St to Grey County CP Rail Trail,

Sunday August 8, 2021 (Owen Sound to Lion’s Head)

Grey Rd 1; 24th St W to Old Beach St,

Grey Rd 1; Church Side Rd to Lindenwood Rd,

Grey Rd 1; Presqu’ile Rd to Highway 6 (Wiarton),

Highway 6; Grey Rd 1 to Bruce Rd 9,

Bruce Rd 9; Highway 6 to Ferndale Rd (Lion’s Head),

Main St (Lion’s Head),

Monday August 9, 2021 (Lion’s Head to Tobermory and North Bruce Loop)

Highway 6 Crossing at Lindsay Rd 5,

East Rd; Lindsay Rd 5 to Dyers Bay Rd,

Highway 6, Dyers Bay Rd to Johnson Harbour Rd,

Highway 6, Dorcas Bay Rd to Tobermory,

Tuesday August 10, 2021 (Lion’s Head to Southampton)

Bruce Road 9; Lion’s Head to West Rd,

Highway 6 crossing at Bruce Road 9,

West Rd; Little Pike Bay Rd to Pike Bay Rd,

Sunset Dr; Pike Bay Rd to Howdenvale Rd,

Huron Rd; Howdenvale Rd to Bryant St & Spry Lake Rd.,

Bruce Rd 13 / Sauble Falls Pkwy; S Oliphant Rd to Sauble Falls Rd.,

Lakeshore Blvd N; King Edward Ave to Main St.,

Main St; Sauble Beach,

Bruce Rd 13; Main St, Sauble Beach to Eckford Ave

Highway 21 / Albert St N; S. Rankin St to Clarendon St

Wednesday August 11, 2021 (Southampton to Point Clark)

Saugeen Beach Road; Bruce Rd 25 to Concession Rd 4,

Bruce Rd 33; Concession Rd 4 to Concession Rd 12,

Bruce Rd 33; Concession Rd 10 to Concession Rd 8,

Tie Rd; Bruce Rd 33 Concession Rd 2,

Concession Rd 2; Tie Rd to Albert Rd,

Bruce Rd 23; Kinhuron Rd to Broadway St,

Huron Terrace; Broadway St to Bruce Ave,

Lake Range Dr; Bruce Rd 6 to Concession Rd 4