Gravel pit meeting in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh

Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Mayor Glen McNeil says a zoom meeting this week regarding a proposed gravel pit in the Little Lakes area drew a significant number of local people.

McNeil points out zoning in the Little Lakes and Balls Bridge area would have to be changed to allow for a gravel pit.

At the meeting, comments from the Huron County planner, applicants and residents were presented.

“There were concerns from nearby residents as far as the beautiful scenery and the landscape in the area and no one would deny that, it is an absolutely beautiful area. There was also concern as far as the dust and noise for nearby residents,” said McNeil. “There will be a subsequent meeting of A-C-W council that will discuss the situation further, after the county planner has had an opportunity to address some of the concerns that were expressed and also have further discussions with the applicant.”

McNeil says the challenge for council will be to find a middle ground and one caller into the meeting said they didn’t envy council in trying to do that.

McNeil stresses, the zoning of the property would have to be changed to allow removal of the aggregate from that property and he also points out, the zoning of the property is the only involvement for the municipality.