Destination Stratford relaunches Bacon & Ale Trail

Destination Stratford has relaunched the 2021 Bacon & Ale Trail, which was put on the back burner during last summer due to the pandemic.

The Bacon and Ale Trail features 15 stops in St.Marys, Shakespeare, and Stratford. It boasts new experiences, while encouraging visitors to explore a wide variety of breweries, pubs and retail shops.

A media release says the trail provides an authentic experience with many local Perth County pork products, delicious desserts, and craft beers from a variety of microbreweries

Over the past several years more than 75% of trail participants came from beyond Stratford.

A media release concluded, “The Bacon & Ale Trail is a visitor favourite, allowing for a one-of-a-kind experience that highlights and complements the regions talented chefs, local pork products and various brewing tastes and styles. This popular trail can now be enjoyed by hundreds year-round. including London, Kitchener/Waterloo region, Toronto and GTA. Many, referred by others, came to Stratford specifically to experience the trails .”