Ontario increases surgical capacity

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / monkeybusiness

Ontario Deputy Premier and Health Minister Christine Elliot says her government is committed to ensuring timely access to health care for all residents.

Elliot announced an up to $324 Million investment as part of a comprehensive surgical recovery plan to address wait times, and improve access.

She says that will enable hospitals and community providers to operate at 110 to 115% capacity

She added, “hospitals will be able to perform up to 67,000 additional surgeries on top of the typical volume of 650,000 scheduled surgeries per year, including plans for evenings and weekends.”

“Over 75,000 additional hours of MRI scanning and over 60,000 additional hours of CT scanning¬†will be enabled across the health care system. an overall increase of 12% in hours for both forms of imaging,” she added.

Elliot says this builds on the government’s commitment to end hallway health care and create a connected health care system through the primary care referral, hospital discharge and home recovery stages.

“We are increasing supports for prevention and screening, enhancing virtual patient care before and after surgeries, and ensuring that services are better coordinated through Ontario Health Teams,” she stated.